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About Spot Mono

Monospaced alphabets typically have a cold, robotic personality. Some of this can be blamed on the fact that these shapes – as they stretch and contort to fit within a common box – often depart from their human, written origins. But it is not necessarily the fault of the forms themselves; it has as much to do with cultural context. Monospaced type has more than 100 years of heritage tied to typewriters and other machines, instruments of impersonal office correspondence or digital code. Yet sometimes, in the struggle to make letters that share the same pitch, this category of type can yield ideas that are full of ingenuity and life.

Spot Mono is an approachable and familiar sans serif that exhibits the warmer end of the monospaced spectrum. Although it is inspired by typewriter faces as default and mechanical as Courier, its rounded ends and gentle bends convey a friendlier air. Spot Mono’s letters manage to achieve uniform width without straining or resorting to awkward or idiosyncratic shapes. The resulting texture is unusually open and even.

A generous repertoire of characters – including full sets of Latin Extended, Greek, and Cyrillic; sub- and superscript figures; innovative fractions, and a kit of playful and functional icons – equips Spot Mono for a range of duties that aren’t usually handed to monospaced type. This is a family that comfortably sets body copy just as well as it delivers plump headlines. It does both with a quiet dignity and subtle smile.