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About Noe Text

Historically, typefaces are born at smaller sizes, with titling versions coming later on. Noe’s family tells a different tale. Noe Text was conceived several years after its Display companion. This reversed order of operations challenged Schick Toikka to develop a text face that functions in body copy while retaining its parent’s bold personality. With readability as the central goal, Noe Text reigns in Noe Display’s contrast and severity. It adds heft to the hairlines, and blunts the corners just enough to keep the details visible at reduced sizes while maintaining the crisp character of the family overall. Its proportions are broader, too, with counters that are larger and more open, enabling smaller type and longer passages of copy. The result is a rugged face that pairs well Noe Display, as well as it plays on its own.

Noe Text is a true multipurpose workhorse for demanding typography, equipping the user with judicious ligatures for optimal readability, case-sensitive punctuation, and figure styles for any situation – including a set to match the height of the accompanying small caps. Among its five weights plus italics, Noe Text has a Book weight that is just slightly heavier than the Regular to accommodate subtle preferences in text color, or to facilitate different printing or screen-rendering conditions. Like Noe Display, Noe Text includes a Latin Extended character set, supporting virtually every language of Western and Central Europe.

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