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About Noe Display

The term ‘display’ is reserved for a category of type that is unapologetically expressive. When letters are large, there is room for them to wave their own peculiar flag, to project their personal voice at full volume. Noe Display speaks with clarity and confidence, but the point isn’t simply to shout. Its strong will is tempered by a graceful discipline.

Classic formal attributes of serif display type in the ‘rational’ mode include: a strong contrast between thicks and thins, fine details, elegant curves, and a vertical stress axis. This tradition goes back several generations to the showiest variants of Transitionals and Didones. Noe Display adopts these characteristics, along with features that reflect modern fashions of the mid-20th-century, such as a large lowercase and compact spacing. Beyond that genre-mixing combination, what makes this particular display face unique is the audacious way its strokes end. Large, wedge-shaped serifs come to a sharp point. Arches are capped with prominent triangular beaks. These features add a certain fierceness to the usual elegance of the genre, without detracting from its poise and finesse. It is a seamless dialog between slow, round curves and brisk, spiky terminals. The italic is especially fluid, with a blatantly cursive construction and long, tapering entry and exit strokes. Noe Display’s four weights have a nearly constant hairline weight, increasing the overall contrast as the stems thicken from Regular to Black, offering several degrees of drama and impact. This is distinguished display type with sparkle and bite.

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