About Krana Fat

Krana Fat is a peculiar display typeface inspired by the letterings of Finnish graphic designer and illustrator Erkki Toukolehto. The original all capital letterings were done in mono line with a big flat brush. Instead of strict systematically shaped letters the letterings had an interesting, characteristically bold and varied look. Our typeface pays homage to Toukolehto’s work, avoiding to imitate his hand lettering, rather being a free interpretation on it’s own.

Krana Fat appeared first in the awarded German street magazine ‘Die Zeitschrift der Strasse’. Further on we developed Krana Fat into two individual styles – condensed (A) and extended (B). The styles are designed with creative mixing in mind. Blending condensed and extended letters together yields lively, playful typography. Additionally to the OpenType Pro character set, Krana Fat features two stylistic sets with more compact cap accents.

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